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's making news. america's children are slimming down. for the first time in decades, we can say our children are not getting fatter. a study from the cdc that examined the nation's preschoolers found in 18 states, the obesity rate is actually falling. that's the good news. the bad news is the obesity rate held steady in do states. some of the states, ten states overall were examined due to the way data is collected. but a lot of people are crediting michelle obama's let's move campaign for this good news. it certainly helps keep the weight off. >> bill: she's got to get some credit for that. and just raising awareness of the problem. >> absolutely. that's the good news. >> bill: a lot of republicans are beating up on her saying this is silly. no, this is a serious problem. >> it really is. that was the good news. the bad news, of course, if you want to ruin your breakfast, taco bell is here to help. they announced they're kicking off a new breakfast item. they've been trying to kick off a breakfast menu in recent years but this latest hellish creation is the waffle taco. it is a fried waffle
about their making america happen, go to their web site, afscme.org. we're talking about sanjay gupta who startled the medical community yesterday admitting he has been wrong all these years about medical marijuana. he says he just didn't do his research. now that he has, he knows it is good, okay, ought to be legal in all 50 states. we have a documentary about it coming up on cnn on sunday. back to your calls and your comments at 1-866-55-press in just a second. but again, want to encourage you to look into something that could save your life. emergency. it is called emergency link i.d. and think about if you were ever in an accident, god forbid, knocked unconscious, medical teams arrive. they can't communicate with you, can't find out any information about you, solve that problem with emergency link i.d. it is a small tag you attach to your key ring or wallet or purse that tells emergency responders everything they need to know. your medical history, your meds, your allergies, your doctor's contact info and most importantly, whom to notify. that could make the difference between lif
of the humane society of america, great friend of ours, great american will be here to tell us about the latest on horse slaughter in this country and what the humane society is doing about it. jon ward, senior political reporter for "huffington post" in studio with us as well. they're just a few of our guests this morning. we'll get right to it with "the washington post" being sold but first -- >> announcer: this is the "full court press." >> other headlines making news on this tuesday. the republican national committee is not happy that nbc and cnn are actually considering something that may be entertaining to their viewers. reince priebus is threatening to pull the networks' access to the 2016 primary debates unless the networks pull the hillary clinton-related projects they plan to air. politico reports priebus is deeply disappointed over the network's decision to promote the former secretary of state ahead of her likely presidential candidacy. >> bill: this is silly but it does show, to me, how terrified the republican party is about running, that they might have to run against hillary cli
and highly acclaimed city in america. weiner can't be in charge. it looks bad for us all. something needs to be said. >> bill: it is up to the people of new york. >> then, of course, mama for obama weighing in says no. president obama shouldn't say anything about weiner. you're saying quite enough. president obama's message is all about jobs. >> bill: i'm expected to talk about it. i'm a freakin' talk show host. i have no principles, no morals, no values, i don't believe in anything. >> can i quote you on that? >> bill: i'm scum of the earth. i can talk about anything and everything. please, please, don't drag the president of the united states down to the level of a talk show host. right? >> i agree. >> bill: donna is in atlanta. hi, donna. >> caller: bill, first of all, you're absolutely more than that. come on. but first of all, the president, as american people, we could care less about who's zooming who and weiner. we want to know how to get back to work and jobs. the president of the united states of america, he cannot just point out somebody from every city, every state, let the re
, sharpening america's em on the global economy. you can find out more about their good work at goiam.org. all things media, we wanted to talk about in this half hour. joining us from politico. the deputy -- i'm going to call her that, media reporter for politico. working with dylan byers, mckenzie winger. nice to have you. >> thanks for having me. >> bill: thanks for coming in. we're making media news today because our last day on current tv and we want to be sure to remind everybody that while we may be leaving current tv, we're not leaving you because we were with you before current, on the radio. we'll continue after current on the radio. all of our great of a igiates -- affiliates around the country. time to say hello to ktlk out in los angeles, california. where i started my media career. and so still enabling me to continue to be present in southern california out there. hello to all of our good friends out in l.a. and while we're there on the west coast, san francisco, california, as well. early in the morning on the west coast but lots of people joining us. thinkers and drinkser at kt
, massachusetts. the town is number one on "money" magazine's new best small towns in america list for weathering the recession well and having a big lake and being close to both boston and providence. so close that you can commute to work in either city. it is also diverse. nine churches, seven synagogues and one of the largest mosques in new england. louisville, colorado, and vienna, virginia, round out the top three. >> bill: never heard of that city in massachusetts. nine churches in a town of 17,000? congregations are rather small, i would say because some people do not go to church at any rate. what we have -- very significant yesterday. there are two unrelated decisions regarding -- related to law enforcement that really were related. they weren't planned that way but they really do fit together and say something very important, i think, about law enforcement in this country. a lot of us have said for a long time that we went way overboard, you know. 10, 20 years ago. the last -- the previous generation about -- gotta be tough on crime. tough on law enforcement. crack down on crime. throw
of the most important news outlets in america advocated their role as a check to power. the journalistic responsibility to challenge the exests of government, and they did so for fear of being seen as unpatriotic, and punished in the market during a period of heightened nationalism. you know what, whatever you think about edward snowden, i think he is absolutely right on in those comments, in fact, dare i say it, you have heard me make the same point here on this program many times how disappointed i have been in the media. let's go back to those days after september 11th. clearly we were struck. we had a right to strike back, and a right to find out what was going on, but in this fervor of patriotism, so-called, and nationally. at the time, there is a lot of stuff that happened that should never have happened, and the main stream media was afraid of being too critical of some of the things the government was doing at the time because of being accused of being unpatriotic. what about the patriot act? members of congress didn't do their job. but the media didn't do its job either. and the
on our phone calls. >> obama: america is not interested on spying ordinary people. we're focused on finding the information necessary to protect our people and in many cases protect our allies. >> bill: but it still remains to be said and shown how collecting information on every single phone call made in the united states by every single american who places the call, how long the call is and who they're calling, hard to see how that helps us find a terrorist in the middle east. remember last week this whole new terror scare that we found out about, took action, closed those embassies, nothing to do with this domestic spying program. that domestic spying program did not help one damn bit. i join republicans and democrats in congress. you've got people in congress like john conyers on the left, and james sensenbrenner on the right. you have dick durbin on the left and rand paul on the right all saying there have to be limits to this data collection, and there should be probable cause or some sufficient reason for going after those phone data on a particular person before you rando
to these townhall meetings. >> bill: right. will there be like organizing for america, the offshoot of the obama campaign volunteers. will there be any effort on their part? >> a lot of their early organizing efforts have not yielded big crowds. there have been some embarrassing stories for them, but i think you can expect groups like la razza, and aclu, and there are a couple of big groups that are being run by conservative republican activists, more the karl rove set. one of the chief strategists behind the pro-immigration reform is the director of the national [ inaudible ] under john coren. >> bill: and this is sort of a fortaste, when they come back from this five weeks, right, they are going to have a hell of a -- they kicked everything down the road, right? they are going to have a hell of a busy agenda when they come back on issues on the farm bill, the debt ceiling, where they haven't done any ability to come together. >> and the other appropriations bills, the end of the fiscal year is october 1st. they just tried to pass the transportation and housing and urban development, they lumpe
in america's classrooms every day. you can find out more about their good work at aft.org. edward snowden out of the airport. we'll move on to that and a couple more comments about smoking here. but first, something very important to consider. if you think about it, what if you were in an accident and you were knocked unconscious, paramedics arrive and they can't get any information out of you because you cannot communicate with them. that could make the difference between life and death. one way to prepare yourself for such an emergency is emergency link i.d. it is a small tag you attach to your key ring or put in your wallet or purse that will tell emergency responders everything they might need to know. your medical history, your meds, allergies, doctor's contact info and most importantly, whom to notify again. could make the difference between life and death. do yourself a huge favor. sign up for emergency link's emergency response service today. it is only $10 a year and you'll receive your i.d. kit free. it is $10 a year. your i.d. kit free. you have to sign up now. limited offer. go to
the support of media matters for america. left-leaning organization whose founder david brock wrote a letter to the two networks saying they ought to rethink this because it raised questions of fairness and potential conflict of interest. and then maureen dowd yesterday in the "new york times" saying on this one issue, reince priebus was right. >> it absolutely does. it's going to be a tough race to begin with but i think even if this does happen, and they don't pull these -- this doc and this mini series, young people especially are going to decide for themselves in this election. i don't know how much sway a doc or mini series is going to have but it is still definitely something to be concerned about. >> bill: no doubt they do have an impact. they do have an impact. so here's what i want you to do next is go out and track down chris christie and rand paul, okay, and make that your next challenge. get some good stuff and tell us about it. >> oh, absolutely. >> bill: this is a fun kind of contest to watch. >> it's only going to get more fun, i think. >> bill: yeah. but, of course, chris chr
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11